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Jump and Shout
  1. On the Road
  2. Calliope House/Cowboy Jig
  3. King George/Drowsy Maggie/Jennies Chicken
  4. Twa Corbies
  5. Haughs of Cromdale
  6. Dreams
  7. Poems of War
  8. Matter of Fact
  9. The Raggle Taggle Gypsies
  10. Back Home to Derry
  11. Foggy Dew
  1. The Bonny Ship “The Diamond”
  2. Black Is The Color
  3. Star Of The County Down
  4. Picard Jig
  5. Leis o’Lurrighan
  6. Song Of Ireland
  7. Ye Jacobites
  8. Sally Gardens
  9. Haughs Of Cromdale
  10. Sleeping Maggie
  11. The Raggle Taggle Gypsies
Celtic Folk Rock - DVD
  1. Far Away
  2. King Georg/Drowsy Maggie/Jennie´s Chicken
  3. Haughs of Cromdale
  4. Black is the Colour
  5. Star of the County Down
  6. E-Minor/Lads of Laois
  7. The Raggle Taggle Gypsies
  8. Toss the Feathers
  9. Gypsies' Wedding Day
  10. Backstage & More
  11. Twa Corbies
  12. Matter of Fact
  13. Song for Ireland
  14. Dirty old Town
  15. Whiskey in the Jar
  16. The Irish Rover
  17. The Great Song of Indifference
  18. As I Roved Out - Bonustrack
Songtexte zum Download
Are Ye Sleeping Maggie
Foggy Dew
On the Road
Matter of Fact
Loch Lomond
TWA Corbies
Song for Ireland
Sally Gardens
Poems of War
Foggy Dew
Matter of fact
Picard Jigs
Poems of war
Sally Gardens
Star of the County Down